Nebraska Public Safety Communications Council

The Nebraska Public Safety Communications Council (NPSCC) was created by Executive Order No. 12-01 signed by the Governor of the State of Nebraska in October 2012.  The Council provides policy-level direction and leadership for public safety and interoperable communications in the State of Nebraska.  The NPSCC is made up of sixteen council members, eight representing state agencies and eight representing each Nebraska Planning, Exercise, and Training (PET) regions.  The Council is chaired by the Chief Information Officer of Nebraska, who serves at the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator. The State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC), functions under the NPSCC as an official working group.  The NPSCC will continue work with the build-out of Nebraska’s four interoperable communications projects and assist with the integration of new technologies that have a growing presence on future public safety and interoperable communications capabilities within the state and with neighboring states. 

NPSCC Annual Reports
2013-2014 NPSCC Annual Report
2015 NPSCC Annual Report
2016 NPSCC Annual Report

NPSCC Meetings

Agenda Meeting Notes and Handouts
07/23/18 Meeting Minutes
04/13/18 Meeting Minutes
03/08/18 Meeting Minutes (Draft)
11/02/17 Meeting Minutes
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10/05/16 Meeting Minutes
03/15/16 Meeting Minutes (Draft)
12/07/15 Meeting Minutes (Draft)
09/03/15 Meeting Minutes
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