Regional Interoperability Network

Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network (NRIN) will be an IP (“Internet Protocol”) microwave network using towers across the state. It will carry voice and connect the PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) or 911 centers across the state, which will utilize the Paraclete System and will help in connecting the Common Channel Radio System. NEMA is contracting on behalf of local government to build out the microwave network at more than 200 tower locations. The pilot portion of this project is being done in the Panhandle and North Central regions of the state.

Introducing the website.

The NRIN Governance board has created a website for users and prospective users to go to for more information, including governance information and minutes, use request forms, portal to system monitoring service, and more. 

Be sure to click on the NRIN video link on the first page of the website for a quick explanation of what the NRIN system is. 

NRIN Resources
NRIN User Services
NRIN-An Introduction
NRIN - Interlocal and Governance
NRIN in the East Central Region
NRIN Pilot Project
NRIN PowerPoint Presentation

NRIN Interlocal Agreement 2015
Basics of NRIN Presentation
Regional Interoperability Project Background
NRIN Information Flyer
11 by 17 NRIN Brochure
NRIN Usage Request form

NRIN Governance Board
NRIN Governance Board Bylaws
NRIN Governance Board Policies
Policies for Election of NRIN Governance Board Directors

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NPSCC NRIN Sub-Committee Notes
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