Nebraska’s Planning, Exercise and Training (PET) Regions have been formed by memorandum of understanding or interlocal agreement among Nebraska Counties. PET Regions serve as the primary vehicle for distribution of funding and resources for homeland security and interoperable communications.

Nebraska PET Regions

Panhandle North Central NorthEast East Central Southeast South Central South West Southwest South Central North Central North Central

“Organizing all 93 Nebraska counties into regional areas across the state allowed the state to leverage areas of common interest. Homeland Security grant funding served as a catalyst to correcting many of the problems associated with aging communications systems and practices. Regionalizing communications areas is an effective planning tool for coordinating communications projects across the vast and diverse geography of the state. The Governor’s Homeland Security Policy Group made interoperable communications a statewide priority regardless of population or location. Therefore, NEMA and DAS-Division of Communications began a concerted statewide effort in the spring of 2004 to coordinate interoperability planning for equipment expenditures.”
Taken from Nebraska’s Homeland Security Public Safety Communications Strategy, 2006

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